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Saturday, February 24, 2018
Lions Forever
1800 Ford Chapel Rd.
Lufkin, Texas 75901

LOL Championship Match
Rob Love (c)
Joey Corman

Lionheart Championship Match
BrokenKeith Blalock (c)
Dylan Smasher
John Patrick Vance

Lionheart Championship Match
Ones Who Matter (c)
Mayhem Mafia
The Human Errors

-More Matches to be Announced

(Card Subject to Change)

Singles Rankings

1. Rob Love
2. BrokenKeith Blalock
3. Mongoose
4. Quinlan
5. Tiger T

Tag-Team Rankings

1. Ones Who Matter
2. The Human Errors
3. BMF Doom
4. The Buddy System
5. The Herd

Current Champions

LOL Champion:
Rob Love

LOL Lionheart Champion:
BrokenKeith Blalock

LOL Untamed Champion:

LOL Tag-Team Champions:
Ones Who Matter

Did You Know?


-For the past few months Chris Preston and Lionheart Champion BrokenKeith Blalock has grown into an ongoing rivalry. It began when Chris Preston took off his wrestling boot and struck Blalock; therefore, causing a disqualification. However, Preston felt that he was wronged due to his boot being apart of his wardrobe and not a foreign object. At A Lion's Tale Preston came to the ring during Blalock's title defense against Big Stan Harris. Instead of striking Blalock, he purposely hit Harris causing a blatant disqualification.

At No Love, Just Hate the two were back in the squared circle in a singles match with the championship on the line. Each time it looked like Preston had the win secured Blalock found a way to kick out. Time and time again which caused Preston to lose it in the ring. He resorted back to his boot and in haste took it off and attempted to strike Blalock, but the champion got the possession of the boot and struck Preston with it. Three seconds later, Blalock stood with the victory to the applause of the people.

In the words of the Lionheart Champion BrokenKeith Blalock, "Heavy...METAL!"


-Joey Corman was in singles action against former Lionheart Champion Kristopher Haiden at No Love, Just Hate. This was their first singles match against one another under the League of Lions Wrestling banner and both competitors brought their game to the bout. Both certainly had experience on their side, but Corman seemed to keep a faster pace against Haiden who outweighed him by seventy-five pounds throughout the match.

Prior to the match the main event was announced for February 24th's event in Lufkin, Texas as it will be Rob Love defending the LOL Championship against Khan and Joey Corman. So knowing that, Haiden may have had a chip on his shoulder and if his past acts are any indication he may have thought if he were to take Corman out during their bout he may slide into Corman's spot next week.

But that was not to be. Corman may have taken some punishment from Haiden, but it was not enough to take out the 20-year veteran. He resiliently fought back with vigor and captured the surprise victory over Haiden.

Now Corman moves toward his biggest match in League of Lions history. A shot at the LOL Championship is something every competitor wants. All it takes is three seconds to win the most prized possession; however there is nothing easy about doing so. Will we see a new champion crowned in Lufkin, Texas or will Rob Love continue his reign as LOL Champion?


-The Tag-Team Championships were on the line at No Love, Just Hate as the champions Ones Who Matter, Sean Cordova and Cory Summers, took on the challenge from The Buddy System, CT Jones and Danny Burroughs. This was the first time the two teams fought one another in a regular tag-team bout. Both teams showed proper respect for one another in the early going of the match. Summers draped Burroughs over the top rope and held him in position and then something magical happened. The lights dimmed, music blasted over the speakers, and a limbo happened out of nowhere. Cordova went first underneath Burroughs and made it through! Then Official Grimes went, but fell to the mat. Cordova coaxed Jones to have a go and he successfully limboed under his partner. But Summers didn't get a go, so Cordova again coaxed Jones and had him hold up his own partner so Summers could limbo. Summers successfully went under and everyone was happy. But in professional wrestling the mat is unforgiving and with a swift sweep of the legs, CT Jones crashed to the mat delivering a DDT to Burroughs to end the fun moment.

The match continued with both teams almost coming out on top, but ultimately it would end in a no contest due to Mayhem Mafia attacking all the competitors. However, the attack didn't last long as Jones, Burroughs, Summers, and Cordova fought back sending both Preston and Smasher out of the ring, but keeping Kane Matthew hostage. Although he pleaded for his release, there was no way that he would be able to leave free without consequences. After a few moments of squirming in the hands of Cordova and Summers, CT Jones struck him with a vicious elbow ending the hostage.

On March 17th at Out of Luck a 6-Man Tag-Team Match has been signed. The Buddy System will team alongside the Lionheart Champion BrokenKeith Blalock and face Mayhem Mafia. If the Buddy System & Blalock win, Buddy System become #1 Contenders to the Tag-Team Titles and Blalock has the choice of stipulation when he and Preston face-off again at The Wrestling Classic 5. However, if Mayhem Mafia wins, they become #1 Contenders and Preston gets to determine the stipulations. High implications for both teams with the biggest event coming up on April 28th.


Wrestler of 2017 - Dylan Smasher
Tag-Team of 2017 - The Buddy System
Match of 2017 - BrokenKeith Blalock vs. Kristopher Haiden
Rivalry of 2017 - The Buddy System vs. Sean Cordova
Most Improved of 2017 - John Patrick Vance