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Saturday, June 16, 2018
Marshall, Texas

-Matches to be Announced

(Card Subject to Change)

Singles Rankings

1. Kristopher Haiden
2. BrokenKeith Blalock
3. Mongoose
4. Quinlan
5. Wray Keys

Tag-Team Rankings

1. The Buddy System
2. Ones Who Matter
3. Mayhem Mafia
4. The Human Errors
5. Angel Omega & Jacob Devine

Current Champions

LOL Champion:
Kristopher Haiden

LOL Lionheart Champion:
BrokenKeith Blalock

LOL Untamed Champion:
John Patrick Vance

LOL Tag-Team Champions:
The Buddy System

Did You Know?


-The Fifth Annual Race to the Top Battle Royal took place on May 19th and it was by far the largest in League of Lions history with twenty-seven participants. The opportunity to face Kristopher Haiden for the LOL Championship on September 15th at Rise of the Lions was on the line and every challenger tried their absolute best to be the last man standing.

The first two competitors to start the bout was Quinlan and a new arrival to League of Lions, Tommy Riggs. Quickly thereafter the ring began to fill. It wasn't long until bodies began flying out of the ring one by one. At one point in the contest, Cory Summers climbed to the top rope and taunted to the audience member that he had attacked last month, and to his surprise, Summers was racked by him and was eliminated.

Justin Sane actually eliminated his own partner, Monster Creed, by tossing a bag of Cheetos out of the ring. Sean Cordova tried to pull a fast one on Justin Sane by throwing him over the ropes, but Creed was there to catch him. Without touching the floor, Monster Creed placed him on a chair. Sane called out for Mykal Kross and he and Creed laid on the floor and let Justin Sane cross safely back into the ring.

The final four participants were Sean Cordova, Justin Sane, John Patrick Vance, and Chris Preston. The four men went into a wild brawl with Chris Preston being the first to go by the hands of Justin Sane. Cordova followed with the elimination of Vance. The final two stood - Justin Sane and Sean Cordova. A chopfest ensued with Sane getting the better of Cordova. Seconds later, Sane found himself being clotheslined over the top rope and Cordova celebrated the victory; however, Sane had landed on the apron unbeknownst to Cordova. When he realized, Cordova charged at Sane, but with a grip on the ropes, Sane held them down which sent Cordova flying to the concrete floor.

Justin Sane was the last man standing and the winner of the Fifth Annual Race to the Top Battle Royal Winner.


-In a wild turn of events after Justin Sane won the Race to the Top Battle Royal and he and Kristopher Haiden were face to face inside the center of the ring, the 2017 Flying Lions Invitational Winner Mongoose made his presence known. He told the Official Chris Grimes he was going to cash in the trophy and he wanted the match to be a triple threat and take place on September 15, 2018 at Rise of the Lions!


-A new Untamed Champion was crowned at Race to the Top as John Patrick Vance defeated Quinlan. The two fought in a singles match with the audience in attendance solely behind Vance. Quinlan with two title defenses under his belt perhaps took the challenge of Vance lightly, however, ultimately Vance was more than prepared for this contest. This victory marks the first championship for John Patrick Vance in League of Lions.

Quinlan isn't the type of person that will just roll over and forget about this loss. We expect that he will reevaluate the situation and come back for vengeance. Vance understands now that the target is on his back and he will have challengers lined up at the gate.

Will Quinlan be the first challenger and invoke his rematch clause?


-Kristopher Haiden defended the LOL Championship against the debuting Frankie Thomas at Race to the Top. With only one title defense under his belt he came into the match on his A-Game; however, as did Frankie Thomas. We had spoken to Thomas earlier in the night and he had this to say: "I didn't drive three hours from West Monroe, Louisiana to lose. I intend to go back over the state line with the LOL Championship in my bag tonight."

A win last month over the first ever League of Lions Champion Mykal Kross was impressive, but Haiden knew that he needed to continue the momentum. The match was intense with both competitors dishing out the punishment. However, in the end, it was Kristopher Haiden finding a way to leave with the victory and sending Frankie Thomas back to Louisiana with a loss.


-When the Tag-Team Title Match began the two teams of Ones Who Matter and The Buddy System we’re friends that had the utmost respect for one another. However, that changed afterwards.

The shoulders of Cory Summers was pinned to the mat for three seconds and in those fleeting moments an ember of hope died. Anger grew as the two new champions celebrated. Cordova went with microphone in hand and surveyed the audience. He received responses like, “New champions!, Buddy System rocks!”

Cordova chose another audience member. “I love you and Summers, BUT The Buddy System are the new face of the Tag-Team division.”

Out of nowhere Cory Summers came running with all his might and sent the audience member down to the floor. A fury of punches and strikes. The Buddy System with the titles in hand watched on confused. Even Cordova seemed dumbfounded. That is until Summers gave out an order and we found out quickly what it entailed. Cordova entered the ring and abruptly attacked CT Jones. Burroughs came to his aid, but Summers stopped it. The two would use titles and steel chairs to leave the newly crowned champions laying.

What exactly caused Cory Summers and Sean Cordova to go this route? What will be the Buddy System’s response? Either way, congratulations to CT Jones and Danny Burroughs on the Tag-Team Title victory!


-Dustee Maliboo's goal is to unite his associate Tiger T with the current Untamed Champion Quinlan and form a dominant tag-team in League of Lions; however, both individuals seem strongly against the idea. Perhaps it's due to Quinlan being the Untamed Champion and although Tiger T wasn't pinned to lose the title, he may still believe that the championship belongs to him. Some would agree that his claim could be rightfully so as the entire year of 2017 Tiger T embraced the Untamed Championship and went on to have a record-breaking twelve title defenses against the likes of Monster Creed, Los Astros, John Patrick Vance, and many more.

Quinlan and Tiger T were in action at The Wrestling Classic V in the opening 4-Way Match that also featured Matt Wray Keys and 2018 Flying Lions Invitational Winner Mongoose. Although Quinlan was in the match, his Untamed Championship wasn't on the line. The winner of the match would be entered into the Race to the Top Battle Royal next month as the final participant which statistically would give them the advantage to come out victorious and go on to challenge for the LOL Championship.

The four men fought hard to earn that spot and it even brought Dustee Maliboo into play as he tried to strike Mongoose with a kendo stick, but Mongoose evaded the attack and went on an attack of his own. He placed Maliboo high on the top rope and prepared to send Maliboo crashing down the mat. Matt Wray Keys climbed alongside Mongoose and readied the assault. This brought both Quinlan and Tiger T together as the two positioned underneath Keys and Mongoose, and together, they sent Mongoose, Keys, and Maliboo down to the mat.

Maliboo wanted them as a tag-team, but at his own expense?

The unusual alliance didn't seem to last long, though. Ultimately, Quinlan drove Tiger T down to the canvas and as he was about to pin him, Matt Wray Keys came from behind and threw Quinlan out to the ringside where Maliboo was still laying. Keys would then pin Tiger T to receive the right to be the final participant in the Race to the Top Battle Royal.

Will Dustee Maliboo continue his quest to unite Tiger T and Quinlan or will he abort mission?