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Saturday, September 15, 2018
Marshall, Texas

LOL Championship Match
Kristopher Haiden (c)
Justin Sane

Tag-Team Title
Come As You Are Street Fight

Buddy System (c)
(CT Jones & Danny Burroughs)
The Ones Who Matter
(Sean Cordova & Cory Summers)

First Round Flying Lions
Invitational Match

Chris Preston
Mykal Kross

(More matches to be announced)

(Card Subject to Change)

Singles Rankings

1. Kristopher Haiden
2. BrokenKeith Blalock
3. John Patrick Vance
4. Mongoose
5. Justin Sane

Tag-Team Rankings

1. The Buddy System
2. Ones Who Matter
3. Neo-Affliction
4. Alpha Alliance
5. Mayhem Mafia

Current Champions

LOL Champion:
Kristopher Haiden

LOL Lionheart Champion:
BrokenKeith Blalock

LOL Untamed Champion:
John Patrick Vance

LOL Tag-Team Champions:
The Buddy System

Did You Know?


The following statement was released on July 23, 2018, from Monster Creed's Facebook page:

The main event saw the 2017 Flying Lions Invitational Winner Mongoose and 2018 Race to the Top Battle Royal Winner Justin Sane battle in singles competition.

Both will challenge for the LOL Championship that is currently held by Kristopher Haiden on September 15th at Rise of the Lions VI. The two fan-favorites fought tooth and nail to gain a win that would give them the momentum entering into the huge triple threat match. However, neither would pull out the necessary victory as Kristopher Haiden would go on to interrupt the match and attacking both of them.

The show ended with Haiden standing tall over Justin Sane and Mongoose. Will this be the same conclusion next month after the huge triple threat match?


-The duo of Sean Cordova and Chris Preston, collectively referring to themselves as The Ones Who Mayhem, challenged The Buddy System did the Tag-Team Championship at League of Lions Unstoppable.

Although the new duo showed successful tandem offense, The Buddy System proved that their teamwork was second to none. They would pick up the victory by pinning Chris Preston.

Afterwards, the two celebrated their successful Tag-Team Title defense as they inches closer to the curtain. From out of nowhere, Cory Summers swung through and struck CT Jones in the back with a broomstick. The exhausted Burroughs tried to fight, but both Cordova and Preston stopped him dead in his tracks.

Several officials tried to stop the chaos but were shoved away. The newest official, Zack Beard, caught a Superkick by Preston. Cordova would go onto strike Jones with the title, and deliver the Snapshot double knees to Burroughs in the corner with a steel chair wedged between the turnbuckle.

William Slim Matthew tried to bring order to the ordeal and eventually announced that on September 15th at Rise of the Lions it will be The Buddy System defending the Tag-Team Championship against The Ones Who Matter in a Come As You Are Street Fight!


-The Sixth Annual Flying Lions Invitational began at Unstoppable as two champions collided in a first round contest. Untamed Champion John Patrick Vance fought against Lionheart Champion BrokenKeith Blalock.

Although no championship was up for grabs, the opportunity to advance into the tournament and be eligible to cash the trophy in for the LOL Championship was certainly enough for both individuals.

The crowd was split between the two favorites as they battled back and forth. Both have been fighting champions and neither wanted a loss, but ultimately it was Vance to took the win and advanced to the second round where he will meet either Tiger T or Cory Summers.


-Joey Corman brought the man that Mayhem Mafia attacked, RW Harry, with him at Unstoppable and the two challenged Dylan Smasher and Kane Matthew. Corman stayed that the following day after last month’s show he decided to help Harty by showing him the ropes as a professional wrestler.

Corman understood that Harty was embarrassed last month when Mayhem Mafia unapologetically assaulted him in the center of the ring due to him having a differing opinion on the group.

The tag bought ended in a disqualification after Corman was poked in the eye and accidentally shoved Official Chris Grimes. After the bel was called, Corman struck Grimes with a solid right pinch. He and Harty took it upon themselves to go cross the line and basically call out the entire League of Lions saying that he and Harty represents Missouri and that state is better than Texas.


-Last month we all saw Monster Creed go down with an unfortunate injury that will sideline him for upwards of months. That night we also saw the debut of Assault in League of Lions.

At Unstoppable he and Mykal Kross reformed their successful team of Neo-Affliction and fought against the newly formed duo of Tiger T and Quinlan with Dustee Maliboo, collectively known as Alpha Alliance.

Prior to League of Lions, Neo-Affliction captured Tag-Team Championships throughout Texas.

However, before their eyes are set on the the Gold, avenging their fallen brother was on their mind first and foremost. On July 21st it was the night that laughter died. The Human Errors was changed forever.

Neo-Affliction pulled out the victory over Alpha Alliance after Assault pinned Quinlan after a clothesline from Kross. Although they captured the win, will it be enough to avenge Monster Creed, or will this war continue between the two teams.


-Tommy Riggs made his singles debut at Unstoppable against the LOL Champion Kristopher Haiden. To have his first ever match against the caliber of a competitor like Haiden is certainly a feat, and in losing was not bad. He was given an opportunity to prove himself and he went out there and tried his very best.

At Unstoppable, he came up short, but there will be many more times for him to pick up a victory. This is just the beginning of Tommy Riggs.